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Trading/Valuing IDP Assets in Combination leagues - Part 2

During trade talks, or during the negotiation process, I will find that many times another manager will not value his IDP assets as I do, or he may value his draft picks higher than IDP assets. Either way gives me room to move around and negotiate in the trade process.Try to find out how the other manager values his assets, which is similar to trading in non IDP leagues. Only change is that there is another category, IDP, to use as trade equity.

Some examples, in a 12 team SF PPR Full IDP last year before Week 1, I was trying to move Justin Jefferson. Very valuable asset for sure, so I wanted to get a good return. After some discussion with an interested manager, he wanted Jefferson badly, but wanted to hold his high draft capital. So I worked out this trade, which he jumped at. I sent him Justin Jefferson, Courtland Sutton, Ryan Tannehill, and Harold Landry (IDP) for DeVonta Smith, Brandon Aiyuk, Kyler Murray, and Micah Parsons (IDP). Now, believe it or not, many think that I lost this trade. I did not feel that way at all, nor did others who were experienced in SF or IDP leagues, as Kyler Murray has a LOT more value than Tannehill in SF leagues, and Parsons has a LOT more value than Landry, and I still got 2 startable WR’s in return. Micah Parsons is a top 3 IDP asset, and easily worth a 1st round rookie pick.

As another example, in November, when it was obvious I was not contending, I wanted to sell TJ Hockenson in a 12 team SF TEP PPR Full IDP league.  Now Hockenson is a pretty valuable asset, and I had been trying to get two 1st round picks for him.I struggled to find an interested party, and the only interested party I found had no 2024 draft capital, or even younger players that interested me. He had gone all in for 2023, and already traded away all of his young offensive assets and draft picks for a long list of players past their prime. It did pay off for him, as he won the championship in 2023.

Anyway, I did notice that he had a couple of very nice, young, IDP assets on his team. So I wound up trading him Hockenson for his 25 1st round pick, Aidan Hutchinson, and Kyle Hamilton.  Now, this time I even walked away feeling like I sold a tad low, even in a mild, 0.5 PPR TE Premium league. For I was looking at a mid to late 25 1st, hoping mid due to the age on his roster, and two IDP pieces. I had never before traded away a top offensive piece and received no offensive pieces back in the trade before.Aidan Hutchinson is one of those top 15 IDP assets that is worth a 1st round pick.He finished as DL23 in his rookie season and DL7 in his 2nd season. So he is well on his way to being a top Defensive Lineman for a long time. 

Kyle Hamilton is also a top asset, yes, a DB, which are not as valuable as DL or LB, but he has the potential to be the next Derwin James, who has been the top DB in IDP for about the past 5 years.After a rough rookie season where Hamilton only started 4 games, and did not finish as a top 100 DB, Hamilton came on strong in 2023 and finished as DB8 in his sophomore season, despite missing 2 games. So I estimate his value to be early to mid-2nd round.Looking back on it, I had gotten two 1sts and a 2nd for Hockenson, so I was happy with that deal, not thrilled, but satisfied.

If you play in combination leagues, or even any fantasy leagues, I would recommend you explore all avenues of trade. Don’t get stuck in a rut.

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