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Top 10 Dynasty QBs (2024)

       Top 10 Dynasty QBs (2024)

By: @Gr1m_FF

Date: 06/29/24

Disclaimer: This article is based on a 5 year span with a maximum of 10 total possible points determined by; how many years out of the next 5 do they achieve fantasy RELEVANCY (top 12) and how many years out of the next 5 do they achieve fantasy DOMINANCE (top 5). That being said, this offers room for interpretation with the various scores the following receives (meaning there are multiple ways to read the points they are scored). 

  1. JALEN HURTS (PHIL) 10pts

PROS:  Amazing Offensive Line, Premier Wide Receiver core, Huge upgrade @ Running Back, Developed as a passer, Smart mobility and play extension, in prime.

CONS: Struggles when defense runs spy, Poor decision making when under pressure occasionally.

Analysis:  Jalen Hurts is undoubtedly the premier choice for a quarterback in Dynasty Fantasy Football. He has numerous strengths, only a few challenges, but overall, he stands out. Hurts benefits from an exceptional offensive line capable of countering various pass-rush schemes. Additionally, he boasts an outstanding wide receiver duo in DeVonta Smith and A.J. Brown. A critical factor to consider is Hurts' improved running game. Previously, he was the primary rushing threat, partnered with players like Boston Scott, Miles Sanders, and DeAndre Swift, who, while talented, aren't on the level of Saquon Barkley. Now, with Barkley in Philadelphia, Hurts will have to run less. Barkley's versatility—catching out of the backfield and running to keep defenses honest—will open up more dynamic and advantageous passing opportunities for Hurts. Given these factors, I confidently see Jalen Hurts as a top-five quarterback for the next five years. It's an easy decision, and barring injury, it's clear he will remain in the top tier of his position.

  1. JOSH ALLEN (BUF) 8pts

PROS: Physical talent, Gifted ability, Play extender and maker, As close to Superman as you can get on a football field.

CONS: Lost a lot of surrounding talent, Does not run smart, Run game non existent, Very tough divisional play.

Analysis: Josh Allen has consistently been, and will continue to be, a top quarterback in the NFL as long as he’s playing. The real question is, where will he rank among the abundant quarterback talent over the next five years? First, let’s acknowledge that Josh Allen is as close as you can get to a Superman in the NFL. He embodies the "Mr. I-Can-Do-It-All" persona with his ability to both run and throw. His aggressive, confrontational running style makes him a formidable force on the ground, and there’s not a pass he can’t make or a throw he can’t launch across the field. His physical abilities and knack for extending plays mean that as long as Allen is on the field, his team always has a chance, regardless of their opponent or the supporting cast around him. However, the problem lies with the supporting talent around him, which pales in comparison to what he’s had over the past few years. Additionally, Allen’s running style often puts him in risky situations. Instead of making the smart decision to run out of bounds, he frequently opts to take on defenders, adding unnecessary wear and tear that could impact his longevity. 

The running game is another concern. While James Cook is a dynamic running back, particularly in the passing game, he may not be the consistent between-the-tackles runner that Allen needs. Competition is also fierce. Allen has to face the Miami Dolphins, a potentially strong New England Patriots defense, and a stacked New York Jets team. And that’s just within his division. He’ll also face off against powerhouses like the Chiefs and Ravens. Overall, I believe Josh Allen might not maintain the dominance we’ve come to expect. This is largely due to a lack of help in critical areas. His top receiving option is a young, inexperienced tight end, Dalton Kincaid, who is bound to make rookie mistakes. Given Allen’s caliber of play, he deserves to be kept at a top-tier level. But without adequate support, he might struggle to stay in the top five quarterbacks each year, and could even fall out of the top 12 within the next five years. It’s a disappointing outlook, considering his talent.

  1. CJ STROUD (HOU) 8pts

PROS: Superb football IQ, Plays in spread a lot, Stacked Wide Receiver room, Upgraded run game, Stellar coaching staff, Super Young.

CONS: Inexperience, Inconsistency, Forced balls occasionally, Ineffective mobility.


C.J. Stroud stands out as one of the most promising and intriguing quarterback options for dynasty managers. His elite football IQ is remarkable, allowing him to make decisions that you'd expect from a seasoned veteran, not a rookie. Stroud consistently makes high-level plays, demonstrating his potential at a young age. Another positive indicator for dynasty managers is his team's offensive strategy. The spread offense emphasizes passing and spreading the ball around, giving Stroud ample opportunities to rack up points through various avenues. Stroud's supporting cast has also seen significant upgrades. Last year, the receiving corps was uncertain, but discoveries like Nico Collins, Tank Dell, and Dalton Schultz have been game-changers. 

With additions like Joe Mixon at running back and Stefon Diggs at wide receiver, it's hard to bet against the Houston Texans now. Stroud is in an excellent position to succeed. However, there are areas of concern. Stroud sometimes forces throws and makes poor mobility decisions. When the offensive line collapses, he tends to run out of the pocket and attempts to make plays on the edge, often putting himself in difficult situations. This inconsistency and inexperience are drawbacks. Despite these concerns, I rank C.J. Stroud as my third-best quarterback in dynasty formats. His longevity and the strong situation around him make success likely, whether he ends up in the top 12 or top 5. Success is inevitable. 

  1. JOE BURROW (CIN) 7pts

PROS:  Fantastic Wide Receiver room, Good Offensive Line, Top tier coaching staff, Prominent pro style QB play.

CONS: Concerning injury history, Changed throwing motion, Tough divisional schedule, Unknown run game.

Analysis:  Joe Burrow is easily one of the most intriguing quarterbacks in the game, particularly because of what he’s accomplished at such a young age with a historically subpar team. He has some major assets working in his favor, including a fantastic wide receiver duo in Tee Higgins and Jamar Chase, and a solid offensive line that provides consistent protection. However, there are significant concerns regarding Burrow’s divisional schedule. Facing the Ravens, Steelers, and Browns, all of whom boast top-notch defenses, means there are no easy weeks for him. Additionally, Burrow's recent injury history is troubling. He’s dealt with ankle, calf, and now wrist injuries, the latter requiring surgery that altered his throwing motion. This casts doubt on his performance this year, as any change in a quarterback’s throwing motion is a major red flag. Despite these challenges, Burrow remains a great quarterback who has the potential to overcome these barriers. It will, however, require a huge effort and an exceptional performance to regain the trust of dynasty managers. I still rank Burrow higher than most quarterbacks in the dynasty format for two main reasons. First, he is incredibly consistent. While he might not perform spectacular feats regularly, he excels in every aspect of the game. He moves, throws, and makes decisions better than most, making him hard to bet against. Second, his supporting cast is among the best in the league. While the running back position is a question mark, his wide receiver corps, featuring Higgins and Chase, is top-tier. Both are young, dynamic, and consistent, ensuring Burrow has reliable targets for years to come. In the next five years, I foresee Burrow delivering several solid seasons. Though he might not consistently rank in the top five, I can’t see him falling out of the top 12, ensuring his continued fantasy relevance.


PROS: Travis Kelce, Andy Reid, Out of this world talent and playmaking ability, Decent run game.

CONS: Non existent Wide Receiver core, Aging Offensive line, Extremely rough schedule outlook.

Analysis: Patrick Mahomes is often regarded as the GOAT, but when it comes to Dynasty Fantasy Football and projecting the next five years, what does he truly offer? Mahomes is undeniably talented and reliable, but if we examine what currently makes him effective, the outlook is concerning. First, there's Travis Kelce, an incredible but aging tight end. Despite his legendary status, Kelce is in his mid-30s and signed only a two-year contract for a reason. How long can Mahomes depend on him? Then, there's Andy Reid. His creativity and dynamic coaching have been pivotal to Mahomes' success. However, rumors suggest Reid might retire soon. Without Reid and Kelce, what remains for Mahomes? Mahomes' playmaking ability is exceptional, but outside of a decent run game led by Isaiah Pacheco, the Kansas City Chiefs' offense lacks depth. Their wide receiver corps is notably weak, with Hollywood Marquise Brown, who has underperformed in both Baltimore and Arizona, as their top receiver. The second-best option is rookie Xavier Worthy, who, despite his speed, is small and potentially fragile. Additionally, the offensive line is aging and may not have much longevity left. Moreover, Mahomes faces an extremely tough schedule. He'll go up against strong defenses like the Baltimore Ravens, Miami Dolphins, and Buffalo Bills. The AFC offers no easy games. Despite my admiration for Mahomes' talent, these factors lead me to rank him as my fifth-best quarterback. I doubt he'll produce many top-five fantasy seasons over the next five years. While I believe he'll remain fantasy relevant and won't fall out of the top 12, consistent top-five finishes seem unlikely.


PROS:  Surreal physical ability, Cannon for an arm, Serious Mobility, Stacked run game tandem, Perfect coaching situation.

CONS: Meh Wide Receiver room, Inconsistent decision making, Uses Mobility in an unhealthy fashion.

Analysis: Anthony Richardson stands out as my top prospect for the near future, primarily due to his exceptional natural abilities. Standing at a solid 6'4", he possesses unmatched vertical leap and speed, rivaling top receivers and running backs. His arm strength rivals that of Josh Allen. In football, there's little Anthony Richardson can't excel at. However, he faces challenges: a less than stellar wide receiver corps limits his open targets, and he struggles with inconsistency in decision-making, particularly in reading defenses and over-relying on mobility. Despite this, I anticipate the Indianapolis Colts will refine his playing style. I rank him as my 6th best quarterback, driven by his immense potential. I foresee him breaking into the top 5 within the next three to five years, with a more conservative estimate placing him in the top 12 consistently, possibly achieving top 5 rankings 1 or 2 times. Anthony Richardson is a dynamic player, and while there's a risk of boom or bust, I'm confident in betting on his potential for significant success.


PROS: Young promising Wide Receiver room, Intriguing coaching situation, Top notch pocket passer, Minimal IQ mistakes.

CONS: Very questionable Running Back play, Offensive Line issues, Questionable passing game scheme at best.

Analysis: Justin Herbert remains one of the most intriguing figures in football today. As a top-tier pocket passer, his decision-making stands out with minimal errors. His playmaking ability and consistent performance make him a formidable force on the field. I'm particularly excited about his potential alongside a young and talented receiving corps. Quentin Johnston's size and speed offer great upside, while Josh Palmer provides reliable possession skills. Adding Ladd McConkey to the mix could elevate the Chargers' offense, potentially mirroring the impact of players like Cooper Kupp or Davante Adams given the right system. His exceptional footwork and route-running promise an exciting dynamic with Herbert. However, the situation in Los Angeles is complex. Jim Harbaugh's arrival brings both optimism and uncertainty, especially regarding his run-heavy coaching style and the team's shaky running back situation. With Gus Edwards and J.K. Dobbins stepping into key roles, the offensive line's issues and past struggles with pass protection remain concerning. Despite these challenges, Herbert's track record suggests he's unlikely to fall from the top ranks. In fact, I believe he has the potential to break into the top five quarterbacks over the next few years. It's a storyline I'm eager to follow closely.


PROS: Returning coaching staff, Team chemistry, Elite Running Back support, Well rounded Passing game.

CONS: Really questionable Wide Receiver room, Meh decision making skills, Struggles with the Man-Press.

Analysis: Trevor Lawrence stands out as one of the most intriguing players in the league right now, with many wondering if he'll take the next step in his career. As a highly touted college player and the top draft pick, he's shown promise but hasn't fully delivered on expectations yet. Nevertheless, he's an above-average quarterback with significant potential. My main concern with Trevor Lawrence lies in his situation. While he has good chemistry with teammates like Travis Etienne and Christian Kirk, and benefits from a well-rounded passing game, the Jaguars' wide receiver group remains questionable. Christian Kirk, though reliable, may be over-relied upon in their explosive offense. The addition of Gabe Davis was meant to provide a deep threat, but drafting Brian Thomas Jr. complicates the target distribution. Thomas Jr. has potential but faces competition from Davis and Kirk, potentially limiting his impact. Overall, Trevor Lawrence's future production hinges on these factors. He's consistent and steadily improving, which bodes well for dynasty and fantasy football managers. However, to reach top-tier status, he'll need to overcome these challenges and elevate his game consistently.

  1. BROCK PURDY (SF) 6pts

PROS: Elite overall surrounding cast, Premium Coach, CMC, Plays to personal strengths, very consistent.

CONS: Not physically talented, Can't stretch the field, Very dependant on WRs and RBs, Struggles against a good pass rush.

Analysis: Brock Purdy has repeatedly defied expectations, from being the last pick in the NFL Draft to becoming the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers and leading them to the brink of a Super Bowl victory against the Kansas City Chiefs. The question remains: is Brock Purdy a top 10 quarterback? For me, he sits at number 9. What sets Purdy apart, and might surprise some, is his adaptability and chemistry with his team. He excels in meshing with his surrounding cast, playing to his strengths with a nickel-and-dime style in the passing game. Purdy's consistency and minimal errors complement the elite talent around him: Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk at wide receiver, George Kittle at tight end, and Christian McCaffrey in the backfield. With such a supporting cast, Purdy doesn't need to dominate physically like Josh Allen or Anthony Richardson. While he may lack elite physical gifts, relying heavily on his teammates might limit his appeal in Dynasty fantasy formats. Yet, Purdy's situation is undeniably advantageous. Compared to more physically gifted quarterbacks like Anthony Richardson or Trevor Lawrence, Purdy benefits from a superior team context. In a Dynasty setup, where longevity and consistent production matter, Purdy shines. While quarterbacks like Kyler Murray and Dak Prescott boast greater physical talent, Purdy's stability and situation make him a compelling choice. He may not match their raw talent, but his reliability and team support are hard to overlook. In conclusion, Brock Purdy's solid performance earns him a spot in my top 10 Dynasty quarterbacks, even if it's a ranking few shares. At number 9, he represents a reliable and effective choice for sustained success.

  1.  LAMAR JACKSON (BAL) 5pts

PROS: Elite mobility, Rocket Arm, Great coach chemistry, Clutch.

CONS: Leans on running capability too much, Makes multiple poor decisions in pass game, Can't read defenses, Fragile thin build, Sub par Wide Receiver room.

Analysis: In the realm of top 10 dynasty quarterbacks, I place Lamar Jackson at number 10. While many rank him higher, above quarterbacks like Anthony Richardson, Trevor Lawrence, and Brock Purdy, I have reservations. Jackson undeniably boasts elite mobility, speed, and a strong arm capable of precise throws. His rapport with coach John Harbaugh and clutch performances in critical games are commendable. However, the drawbacks are significant. He heavily relies on his running ability, struggles with decision-making in the passing game, and faces questions about his ability to read defenses. Concerns about his physique and playing style add to worries about his longevity. Furthermore, his supporting cast, outside of Zay Flowers and with uncertainties around Mark Andrews and Rashad Bateman, remains a concern. While Derrick Henry's addition improves the run game, he's not in his prime. This upgrade might alleviate pressure on Jackson but doesn't fully address the team's passing game limitations. I foresee Jackson as a consistent top 12 quarterback over the next five years, unlikely to break into the top five except perhaps as a one-time occurrence. To assert he'll sustain a top five ranking in dynasty football for years would be overly optimistic.

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