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Top 5 DB in 2024 NFL Draft

In this article, I will review the top 5 DB according to NFL Draft capital. This is different from my other 2 articles about LB’s and Edge rushers in that while the previous two articles can be also used as IDP rankings, when it comes to DB’s, NFL rankings and IDP DB rankings are very different. For instance, a player like Sauce Gardner is highly valued in NFL circles as a shutdown CB. Shutdown CB’s are not highly valued in IDP leagues, because QB’s tend to avoid throwing their way. So a shutdown CB sees very little action, few passes to defend, intercept, or players to tackle. In fact, in 2023, Sauce Gardner did not even crack the top 100 DB in IDP scoring, coming in at 102 in 2023 DB scoring.

For IDP, many mangers prefer to use safeties, or nickel CB’s, as they are closer to the middle of the field, where most of the action is. This list of top DB’s will be the top 5 prospects as far as the NFL is concerned. I expect at least the top 5 DB’s to be drafted in round 1. In the next month or so I will rank IDP assets as I view them for IDP rankings.

  1. Quinyon Mitchell, Toledo, 6’0” 195 pounds – Don’t let Mitchell’s playing for a small school like Toledo fool you, he has good tools, and solid size. His name has been flying up draft boards since his excellent showing at the Senior Bowl, and more recently, a dominant performance at the combine, where his 4.33 40 time was 2nd amongst CB’s.He also finished 1st at his position in bench press, with 20 reps. He has great speed and strength tied into his solid body frame and great performance.

  2. Nate Wiggins – Clemson, 6’1” 173 pounds – Wiggins is an early declare, a true junior. He started at CB for 2 of his 3 seasons at Clemson. Wiggins ran the best 40 time at the combine, 4.28 seconds. Unfortunately, he seemed to suffer an injury during the event that prevented him from partaking in further testing. Nate reportedly felt a “pop” in his groin, and went to the medical tent for further testing. His injury was declared a hip flexor; he was shut down for the NFL Combine, but should be ready for his Clemson Pro Day. Wiggins film shows an NFL quality CB, his footwork is excellent.The biggest concern for his is size, weighing in at only 173 pounds did not help alleviate these concerns.

  3. Cooper DeJean – Iowa, 6’0.5” 203 pounds – Cooper did not work out at the combine. Though he says he has been medically cleared after recuperating from a fractured fibula suffered during a mid-November practice. DeJean is considered to be the Swiss Army Knife in this draft, as he played both inside and outside CB positions, as well as Safety in his time at Iowa. DeJean has some of the most impressive stats amongst this group, his 7 INT’s leading all candidates in this group. Combine that with his flexibility and size and you can understand why he is so sought after.

  4. Terrion Arnold, Alabama, 6’0” 189 pounds – It was only a matter of time until we got to the Alabama CB’s. Both Arnold and McKinstry, who we will see next, both had excellent careers at Alabama. A 5 star recruit out of Tallahassee, FL, Arnold is a true junior, and 2-year starter at Alabama. Arnold is a physical CB with a solid frame. His style of play is physical, and he is not afraid to stick his nose into break up screen passes or running plays. Tough in man coverage and has much improved in zone coverage. Arnold only tested average at the combine but looks better on film.

  5. Ga'Quincy "Kool-Aid" McKinstry, 5’11.5” 199 pounds - another 5-star recruit for Alabama from Birmingham, AL. Like Arnold, McKinstry was also a 2-year starter at Alabama, though his stats were down slightly in 2023. He did finish with a strong performance in the National Championship game against Michigan, tying his season high of 5 solo tackles. Known for his great communication and excellent play in zone coverages, where he seems to be well adapting at reading the QB’s eyes, and understanding how the pass play develops in front of him. McKinstry did not work out at the combine, due to an injury discovered by the medical staff at the combine. Doctors found a Jones fracture in his right foot. Supposedly McKinstry can still work out at his Pro Day on March 20th. McKinstry also displayed plus skills in the punt return game, ranking 2nd nationally in punt return yardage.

Honorable mentions:

Ennis Rakestraw Jr., Missouri, 5’11” 183 pounds

Kamari Lassiter, Georgia, 5’11.5” 186

Tyler Nubin, Minnesota, 6’1” 199 pounds

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