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The ABC's of IDP, Pt. 2

IDP value is based on two things: Usage and Scoring. Usage is the amount of IDP starters per week. The main issue with IDP today is scoring, as there are many more scoring standards than there needs to be. The IDP scoring should be setup in a way where IDP assets are almost as valuable as offensive assets. Many of my leagues use what is known as IDP123 scoring, or a variation of it.

This is IDP123 scoring:

My leagues use this scoring, though a slight modification for yardage is added. 0.1 point per yard is added for sack yardage, fumble recovery yardage, and interception return yardage. Also these points are cumulative. So if a CB picks off a pass, and returns it 54 yards for a TD, that play alone would count 6 points for INT + 6 points for TD + 5.4 yards for return yardage, making it a 17.4 point play for that CB.

Though the points may change in IDP scoring, one thing is constant; the scoring is cumulative, just as on the offensive side of the ball. If a WR catches a 54 yard TD pass, he will get 6 points for the TD, 5.4 points for yardage, and most likely  1 point for reception (Full PPR) for a play total of 12.4 points. In a well setup IDP league, roughly 8 of the top 20 scorers in the league will be defensive players.

This is the goal of IDP123, to have balanced scoring between offensive and defensive players. IDP123 was designed to mesh with leagues that have offensive scoring such as: Full PPR, 6 point passing TD for QB’s, even mild (0.5 PPR) TE Premium leagues.If the offense has further scoring escalation, such as Points Per Carry (PPC), Points For First Downs (PFFD), some changes can be made to the IDP scoring to help offset.Again, the goal is for a balanced scoring system. Here is another IDP scoring system, this one by Fantasy Pros:

This is an older version, and as you can see, all scoring settings are lower except for fumbles forced and fumbles recovered. A scoring system like this might be more apropos for a 0.5 PPR league with 4 point passing TD’s.

Even with scoring this balanced, the offensive players will still have more value than IDP assets, due to positional disparity. For example, in dynasty leagues it is very rare to see any IDP drafted in the 1st round of rookie drafts.

So, IDP scoring should be set so that offensive and defensive players are fairly well balanced.Yet most still have a slight lean toward the offensive side, and that is fine, we just want defensive players to be relevant. So if 8 of the top 20 scoring players in a league are IDP assets that is a balanced league. That is how it should be setup.If only 5 of your top 20 players are IDP, or if 13 of your top 20 players are IDP, then your scoring settings should be adjusted.

I actually played in a league in 2023 where 13 of the top 20 scorers were IDP.

It was in a league where the offensive scoring was 0.5 PPR and 4 point passing TD, but using IDP123 scoring. I am working with the commissioner to adjust the scoring in that league.

Next we will get into positional values, DL, LB, DB.

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