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Buy Low/Sell High: Wide Receiver

Updated: Apr 23

Sell Stefon Diggs

I swear to you, this was set in motion before the trade; Stefon Diggs is a sell.   A 30-year-old wide receiver who has complained throughout his career is a sell, no matter what situation he’s landed in.  Much like Derrick Henry in the running back sell high article ( there are people in your league who still deem Diggs to be an elite, upper-echelon talent that will command targets from C.J. Stroud.  

In Houston, it’s hard to imagine Diggs to step into the alpha role immediately.  Diggs will get a sliver of the targets; Noah Brown will be phased out, and Nico and Tank will have a few looks siphoned.  We aren't even factoring in Dalton Schultz, or a running game.  Realistically, how many touches can you expect? But you have to be the Diggs hype man, ready to flip him after a few big weeks.  

Be it the change at offensive coordinator in Buffalo mid 2023, or simply Diggs losing a step, the last 12 weeks of 2023 were not kind.  Over those 12 weeks, Diggs had seven games with fewer than six catches.  Over 50 yards in six of the 12 weeks.  And three touchdown grabs.  Diggs logged SIX weeks as WR50 or worse.  

The Texans and Diggs agreed to restructure his contract to a one-year deal, meaning he’s set to become a free agent at the end of this season.   Diggs has a huge incentive to earn either an extension in Houston or another payday elsewhere.  You should be looking to move him early in the season while there is still buzz around the Texans offense.

Buy: Romeo Doubs, Packers:  The Packers' offense is in flux, especially in the receiving game.   Jordan Love stepped up in his first year as the starter.   As did Jaydan Reed.   Christian Watson seems to be forever shackled by his “hamstring” injury, which opens the door for an outside receiver to reap the benefits.   Romeo does not impose on many defenders at a 6’2 200 lb frame, but he’s already earned the trust of both Aaron Rodgers in 2022 ( no small feat ) and Love in 2023, to the tune of eight touchdowns on the year.  

Doubs is not a sexy player.  He’s “only” 91% rostered on Sleeper.  He doesn't have the star power, name recognition or “draft capital” that other wide receivers do, therefore, a lot of people are assuming he gets phased out of the offense.  Not so fast my friend.  Doubs lead the Packers in snaps, targets and routes run at the wide receiver position (per PFF).  In the playoffs, Doubs had six receptions of 20+ yards, 1st among all receivers.  (Thanks again, PFF) As exciting as Jaydan Reed was, his snap count and target share was low as the team still is in search for a true #1.   Christian Watson just doesn't look like he’ll ever stay healthy enough to contribute consistently.

The Packers' run game was average at best for a large portion of 2023, finishing 15th in yards and 23rd in touchdowns.   This was saved in large part due to three monster games from Aaron Jones to close out the season.  Does an improved running game under Josh Jacobs open up even more room for receivers to work?  

However, Doubs has earned his targets and will still be a vital part of this evolving offense.  Romeo is quite possibly the cheapest WR1 in Fantasy Football.  If Jordan Love continues to ascend, now is the time to get one of his favorite red zone targets at a reduced cost. 

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