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2024 Draft Profile: Marvin Harrison Jr.

Updated: Apr 2

Age  21

Height   6’4

Weight   196 lbs

Did not participate at NFL Combine

What's the buzz:  Marvin Harrison Jr has the pedigree that comes around once a generation. . He played collegiate ball at Ohio State, a college program that churns out the best of the best at that position year in, year out without fail.  MHJ ( as he’s referred to in most publications ) is a little bigger and stronger and plays a little more physically than his dad, Marvin Harrison Sr. did.  MHJ looks more like Reggie Wayne than he does Marvin Harrison Sr.  Marvin Jr has all the tools to be a day one starter in the NFL; and a first round pick in redraft leagues as early as 2025.

Running report.   Marvin displays tremendous acceleration and cuts like an exact-o knife.  He doesn't have the elite breakaway speed of a Tyreek Hill.  His yards after the catch will be due to outfoxing defenders, not out running them.  MHJ has an unparalleled knack of reading defenses and knowing not only how to shake defenders pre snap, but also where to be no matter what the coverage is; man, zone.  He has the size and strength to play both the slot and outside with ease.

Catching report.  Immaculate tracking skills, tremendous concentration.  Vice grip hands.  This is Marvin Harrison Jr. we’re talking about here, you won’t find anything negative to speak of.

Weakness:  This was very hard to find any flaw in his game, but if there is one point of contention, it could be separation.  A big sticking point in receivers that can translate their collegiate success at the next level is the ability to separate.   As I referenced earlier, Marvin appears to be blanketed a lot in the games I've watched.  But was that due to defenses selling out to stop Marvin at all costs?  

Lazy Comparison.   No one.   He’s a joy to watch, a true difference maker.   He has the finesse of Jefferson, the strength of Chase and the IQ of a savvy veteran such as Keenan Allen or Cooper Kupp. 

Summary:  The annals of Ohio State wide receivers may be sending its greatest son to the next level.  It is surprisingly hard to write about one of the most flawless prospects you’ll ever see; what is there not to like?  It's almost a crime that Marvin Harrison Jr is going to an abyss of a franchise, although if Marvin can land in Chicago with Caleb Williams, or Arizona with Kyler Murray, there is a glimmer of hope that MHJ can return immediate dividends from your draft day investment.  In a superflex league, I would take Marvin Harrison Jr. 1.1 and not look back.  He will be just that special for years to come. 

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