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2024 Draft Profile: Bo Nix

Updated: Apr 2

2024 NFL Profile Bo Nix

Age 24

Height 6’3

Weight  214

40-yard dash: DNP

10-yard split: DNP

Vertical jump: DNP

Broad jump: DNP

Bo Nix has been around quite some time.  From his days at Auburn to his most recent tenure at Oregon.   Nix has played in a staggering 61 games over five seasons, and finishes his collegiate career with a 66.4% completion percentage, and a 113/26 td/int ratio.  Nix found the endzone on the ground 38 times, added a receiving touchdown. He’s seen a little bit of everything.  His poise and maturity may get his name called on day 1 of the NFL Draft.

Passing:  Nix has a strong arm that he can deliver strikes to any level of the field with ease.  Nix played in a traditional pro style offense in Auburn, and the run and gun frantic Run-Play Option (“RPO" ) Oregon offense so he should be able to acclimate quickly in the NFL.  Nix can also adjust his arm slot to throw under or around pressure. 

VIsion; Nix is already a savvy veteran so to speak, seeing a variety of defensive schemes in both the SEC and PAC12.  Nix’s first read was spot on nearly every time.   He didn't need to scan the field, look off a defender and fire the ball to the intended receiver.   Nix’s grasp of defenses is impressive.

Mobility.  Nix has the athleticism to gain some yards on the ground and avoid pressure.  He ran the RPO efficiently and has some acceleration to escape tackles and move the chains. This does mean, he has some happy feet at times which could land him in the arms of a defender.  

Strengths.  As I mentioned earlier, Nix knows where he’s going, and he’s usually spot on, on the first read.  He has superb anticipation and a quick release to all levels of the field.  His footwork was fantastic to keep him out of harm's way, and to push the pocket forward if need be.

Weakness.  Nix doesn't have the world’s biggest arm, and his mobility is solid, not spectacular.  Nix played a lot of ball, but only has one spectacular season under his belt.  Bo will uncork an occasional wobbly throw which could be alarming.  He may already be capped in terms of growing as a player; he’s older than Trevor Lawrence.   

Lazy Comparison: Brock Purdy.   Cool, calm and collected, wise beyond his years.  Purdy and Nix are both talented players but don’t possess any truly elite skills.  I liked what I saw from Nix, much more than I was expecting.  I could see him being a late first round pick, early second, but should he fall to a team like the Jets or Rams who have an elder statesman at quarterback, Nix can find himself as a hot commodity in this fantasy season.  

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