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2024 Draft Profile: Will Shipley

Updated: Apr 2

Will Shipley - Pass Catching Back with Upside From Clemson

Age                        21

Height                   5'11

Weight                 210

College                 Clemson


40 Time – 4.42 Unofficial.



Shipley emerges as a somewhat electrifying talent in the field, dazzling with his natural hands-catching ability and exceptional agility. His expertise in the passing game and unparalleled vision make him a formidable force, especially in open spaces. His knack for creating mismatches against linebackers and his proficiency in the screen game highlight him as a versatile and dynamic player. ESPN College Gameday analyst David Pollack once compared Shipley to 49ers star running back Christian McCaffrey, but that was maybe a bit heavy handed. 


Running Report:

Shipley exhibits impressive quick feet and commendable straight-line speed. He's developing a more patient approach as a runner, skillfully following his guards and making sharp decisions on his cuts. His stop-start capability in congested areas, coupled with outstanding balance and lateral agility, enables him to carve out significant yardage in seemingly impossible situations.



1. Passing Game Prowess: Shipley shines in the passing game, displaying quick turn-ups in the screen game and an innate sense for wheel routes.

2. Agility and Balance: His lateral agility, balance, and body control are exceptional, helping him navigate through traffic effortlessly.

3. Vision and Speed: He demonstrates excellent vision and an explosive burst once he plants his foot, threatening big plays.

4. Receiving Skills: Highly effective in the passing game, he can flex out as a receiver, creating mismatches and excelling in screen plays.

5. Instinctive Running: Shipley's instinctive style allows him to elude defenders easily, particularly on the perimeter where his acceleration and speed are most effective.



1. Limited Overpowering Ability: His speed and athleticism may not be overwhelming enough to dominate opposing defensive backs.

2. Perimeter Focus: Shipley's play style is predominantly perimeter-oriented, limiting his versatility.

3. Physical Build: With a slighter build for a running back, he may struggle to gain yardage between tackles due to a lack of power and a relatively high pad level.

4. Ball Control Issues: Shipley will need to work on his ball control if he is to become a feature back in the NFL. He's put the ball on the turf quite a few times through his collegiate career.


College Stats

YEAR             ATT        YDS        AVG       TD      REC        YDS        AVG       TD

2023 CLEM    167         827         5              5            31           244         7.9          2

2022 CLEM     210         1182       5.6          15         38           242         6.4         

2021 CLEM     149         739         5              11         16           116         7.3         


Player Comparisons

Floor      - Isiah Spiller

Mid        - Alexander Mattison

Ceiling   - Dalvin Cook

He should be a day 2 pick with a chance to catch on as a secondary back.

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