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2024 Draft Profile: Caleb Williams

Updated: Apr 2

Caleb Williams: Rookie Phenom from USC


Age         22

Height   6'1

Weight   215

College  USC


40 Time  4.59 Unofficial. Williams did not participate in combine drills.



As the NFL season nears completion, the attention of many fans shifts towards the NFL Draft. One name that's generating immense excitement and hype is USC's Caleb Williams. Widely regarded as the frontrunner for the top overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, Williams has already been making waves as a Sophomore Heisman winner and a standout quarterback. Williams burst onto the college football scene as a true freshman in 2021, taking over the starting role at Oklahoma midway through the season and finishing with impressive stats. He then followed his coach, Lincoln Riley, to USC and continued to shine, winning the Heisman Trophy in his sophomore year with astounding numbers.


When you watch Williams on tape, his arm strength immediately stands out. He can make tight throws with velocity, even in challenging situations. But he's not just about power; Williams displays incredible touch, placing the ball where his receivers can make plays after the catch.


While his style of play may create some controversy in the NFL, with coaches who prefer quarterbacks to stick to the script, there's no denying Williams's natural talent and football IQ. He exudes calmness and poise, even in challenging situations.


The Caleb Williams sweepstakes will be a spectacle, and the NFL's current draft order suggests intriguing possibilities. Although all signs point to him landing with the Chicago Bears.

Passing Report:


- Elite Arm Talent: Williams possesses an arm that draws comparisons to the likes of Patrick Mahomes. He can make almost any throw, even when off balance.

- Exceptional Accuracy: His accuracy, especially on short timing routes, allows him to lead receivers to potential yards after the catch.

- Clutch Performer: Williams has an uncanny ability to pull off spectacular plays, particularly when the pressure is on.

- Consistency Under Pressure: His performance doesn't waver when facing a heavy pass rush, and he can make quality passes while evading defenders.

- Play-Faking Expertise: Williams' play-fakes are outstanding, and he can manipulate safeties with his eyes.

- Dual-Threat: He's not just a passer; Williams is a huge threat with his legs, displaying agility and speed in scramble situations.



- Size Concerns: While he's not exactly small standing at 6-1 and weighing 215 lbs, Williams may be at risk for injuries given his playing style.

- Adaptability: Playing in a simplistic offensive system at USC raises questions about how he'll perform in a traditional pro offense.

- Shotgun Exclusive: Williams has exclusively played in the shotgun, making him a work in progress as a drop back passer.

- Mechanical Issues: Inconsistent mechanics and footwork require refinement, although his arm talent often compensates.

- Ball Security: Holding the ball loosely puts him at risk for strip sacks. 

College Stats

YEAR      CMP      ATT        CMP%   YDS        AVG       TD           INT     

2023 USC        266         388         68.6        3633       9            30           5    

2022 USC        333         500         66.6        4537       9            42           5     

2021 OKLA     136         211         64.5        1912       9            21           4       


Player Comp

Floor      - Jake Locker

Mid        - Donovan McNabb

Ceiling   - Patrick Mahomes

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