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2024 Draft Profile: Bucky Irving

Updated: Apr 2

Bucky Irving - Potential Play Maker

Rookie RB Profile - Bucky Irving

Age 21

Height 5'9"

Weight 192lbs


Combine Results

40-Yard Dash                     10-Yard Split                       Vertical Jump                     Broad Jump

4.55 Seconds                     1.54 Seconds                     29.5’’                                   9’ 7’’



Irving is a playmaker who exhibits the ability to break almost any play into a touchdown. Irving has averaged a stout 6.35 YPC over his past 2 seasons and plays with great game speed. He possesses great hands and will be a great contributor in the pass game, making him an exciting fantasy prospect to watch in the upcoming draft.


Running Report

Irving boasts the speed and pass catching skills well suited for outside zone gap schemes. He fights for extra yards on every carry and isn't easily tackled on the initial attempt. He quickly identifies running lanes and can explode through gaps creating game breaking plays for his offence. He gets small in the hole and shrugs off tacklers while keeping his momentum.



1. High End Game Speed: Explosive in gaps and has the speed to break big plays.

2. Competitive Play Style: Doesn't collapse on the initial tackle, fights through tackles and is able to fight for additional yards. 

3. Vision: He demonstrates excellent vision and uses his agility to easily hit gaps. He has great instincts.

4. Receiving Skills: Very effective in the passing game and can be lined up in the slot, has soft hands.



1. Lighter Frame: He could use some bulk to be more suited for the NFL.

2. Cuts at speed: Once Irving hits top speed he's usually unable to change direction quickly to evade deeper defenders.

3. Pass Blocking: Either due to size or inexperience this is a major flaw in his game.


College Stats

YEAR                      ATT        YDS        AVG       TD           REC        YDS        AVG       TD

2023 ORE             186         1180       6.3          11           56           413         7.4          2

2022 ORE             156         1058       6.8          5              31           299         9.6          3

2021 MINN         133         699         5.3          4              8              73          9.1         



Player Comparison

Floor      - Carlos Hyde

Mid        - Marlon Mack    

Ceiling   - Reggie Bush


Irving is likely to be a day 2 pick with his name called late in round 3.

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