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2024 Draft Profile: Drake Maye

Updated: Apr 2

Drake Maye QB UNC

Age 21

Height 6’4”

Weight 229 lbs

Did not participate in 2024 NFL Combine

Drake Maye is a highly touted quarterback prospect from UNC who many expect to be a top 5 pick in this year’s NFL Draft.  He’s a fairly raw passer with crisp mechanics and a good read on defenses and seeing the play unfold before him.  Maye had an exceptional 2022 season but took a slight step back in 2023.  

Passing : With flick of the wrist, Maye can get the ball 50-60 yards.  But that isn't out of the ordinary anymore.  That’s expected from elite quarterback prospects.  Maye throws well on the run, and gets his shoulders square to his target while making these difficult throws.  I liked Maye’s pump fake, a skill not enough NFL quarterbacks use to make corners and safeties bite to lead them away from the intended target.   Maye isn’t afraid to throw into tight windows; which can be unforgiving in the NFL.  

Vision: Maye reads through his progressions well and can see over the top of his lineman which is a bigger advantage than most people take into consideration.  ( See Bryce Young ) Drake will need to work on working through progressions and improve his pick up of blitzes and identifying pressure.  

Strengths:  Heart. Maye’s got that dog in him and has the leadership intangible that is sometimes overlooked when scouting players.  Maye rarely appears rattled or discouraged.  

Weakness :   Mobility.  I've been surprised as a lot of analysts say that Maye IS mobile, but I disagree to what extent.  Maye’s mobility looks forced and worrisome.  The rushing yards he has amassed were due to being flushed out of the pocket and avoiding a sack.  These were not designed runs we’re talking about here.  It’s a last resort for Maye to scramble or bootleg when the play breaks down.   Needs to work on working through progressions and pick up on blitz packages quicker.  

Lazy Comparison:  Mac Jones

I know, I know.  Mac Jones?  That’s it?  I really liked Mac Jones coming out of Alabama, the defenses he was playing were a true testament of what the NFL would offer.   Maye saw the likes of the ACC and looked like a less mobile Sam Howell.  Maye’s numbers are not that drastically different from what Howell was able to produce just a year prior.  Side by side, it’s hard to tell who is who from Maye to Howell;

Summary:  Drake Maye has the tools to be a day one starter in the NFL.  However, he has a relatively small sample size in which we are basing our draft profiles; Maye only has one truly elite season of football under his belt at UNC ( 2022 ).  The potential is there, but needs an elite offensive line to give him the time in the pocket needed to utilize his strengths and avoid him from rushing too many throws, or taking too many hits.

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