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2024 Draft Profile: Brock Bowers

Updated: Apr 2

Georgia Bulldogs Tight End Brock Bowers

Age: 21

Height: 6’3

Weight: 244 lbs

Did not participate at 2024 #NFLCombine

Brock Bowers is a sight to behold. Bowers is almost guaranteed to hear his name called in the top 10 selections at the 2024 NFL Draft. Bowers is utilized in many different formations on the field and fights for every inch keeps his legs churning.

Strengths. Bowers just has the big-game feel. Not only will he be a fantasy darling, he has the tools of an NFL superstar tight end. He’ll throw a stiff arm like a running back and has nice footwork to find space in the open field, generating a lot of yards after the catch. The Bulldogs designed plays for him on end-arounds and jet sweeps and he looked perfectly comfortable. Bowers has ice water in his veins and doesn't shy away from any big moment or spotlight.

Catching: Bowers has strong hands that will corral anything close; he had THREE drops all of last season. Bowers will not back down from a battle from a corner or safety. He tracks the ball very well and has great vision and anticipation for what to do once he's secured the catch to get those precious yards after the catch.

Route Running. Very versatile for a tight end, great acceleration and the ability to get separation. His route tree was diverse enough to have the knowledge of different patterns and situations, which is good to keep him on the field. Bowers’ did most of his damage between the 20’s ; Is he going to be a red-zone monster? That remains to be seen, and how will his NFL franchise use him in goal-to-go opportunities.

Weakness: Bowers is a little undersized when it comes to a traditional tight end, so if he’s in line with a much larger defensive lineman, he could be overpowered. Which may lead to a few sacks, and if that happens, Bowers could be taking some snaps off.

Lazy comparison: George Kittle. Tall, slender, hurdling defenders. But he has the potential to be utilized in ways we aren’t accustomed to in fantasy football.

Summary: As the sun may be setting on Travis Kelce, and Mark Andrews coming off serious injury, Bowers is an exciting prospect with a great upside to be the next marquee tight end in the NFL. My favorite stat for Bowers is the amount of production; three elite seasons at Georgia; this isn’t a player who had one fluky season that propelled his draft stock. Bowers has produced since the moment he stepped on the field at Georgia and looks to do the same in the NFL.

College Stats

2023- 56 rec 714 yards 12.8 yards per 6 td

2022- 63 rec 942 yards 15.0 yards per 7 td

2021- 56 rec 882 yards 15.8 yards per 13 TD

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