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2024 Draft Profile: Xavier Worthy

Rookie WR Profile – Xavier Worthy, Texas  


Age 20

Height - 5’11

Weight - 165lbs


Combine Results

40-Yard Dash                     10-Yard Split                       Vertical Jump                     Broad Jump

4.21 Seconds (#1)              1.49 Seconds                     41’’                                       10’ 11’’


What is the buzz?

Record breaking speed! Skilled route runner and a natural playmaker. Combine performance was probably the best out of all WR's at the combine.


Pass Catching Report

Explosive burst off the line and elite speed to beat defenders on the outside and he’s a demon when running slants. He’s proven to have soft hands and he’s a playmaker once he’s got the ball. Great ball tracking skills and he’s shown a great knack for leaving his QB enough sideline available to put the pass where defenders can’t get it.


Where does he fall short?

The major knock against Worthy is his size. He’s coming in at just 165lbs and has a very small frame, defenders could have great success jamming him at the line or knocking him off his route. The fella looks like he hasn’t had a meal since Christmas dinner. Consistency might be a problem, huge variances in production between his 2021/2023 output to the output in 2022.


College Stats

YEAR                    REC        YDS        AVG       TD          

2023 TEX              75           1014       13.5        5

2022 TEX              60           760         12.7        9

2021 TEX              62           981         15.8        12


Player Comps

Floor      – John Ross

Mid        – Will Fuller

Ceiling   – DeVonta Smith

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