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2024 Draft Profile: Devontez Walker

Devontez Walker

Age 22

Height – 6’2

Weight - 193lbs


Combine Results

40-Yard Dash                     10-Yard Split                       Vertical Jump                     Broad Jump

4.36 Seconds                     1.54 Seconds                     40.5’’                                     11’ 2’’

What is the buzz?

Natural playmaker who’s great at catch-and-run situations and taking the top off the defense as an outside X receiver.  



  1. Great ball tracking skills, able to make adjustments down the field for underthrown balls.

  2. Excellent footwork on back shoulder catches.

  3. Creates separation and can get downfield quickly.

  4. Tall frame with strong hands, exceptional catch radius.



  1. Short or intermediate route running.

  2. Limited agility affecting his ability to run short routes.

  3. Mostly a vertical threat and needs development in the NFL system and a deeper route tree.



Walker is a great vertical threat and will thrive in an offense that needs an outside X receiver able to take the roof off the defense. His strong hands and great footwork along the sidelines will make him a popular target for deep passers. He will need to work on the nuances of body movement in intermediate routes to be an every down WR in the NFL. His blend of size, speed and body control give him a shot to be an immediate contributor on the field.   


College Stats


YEAR                      REC        YDS        AVG       TD          

2023 UNC            41           699         17           7

2022 KEN             58           921         15.9        11

2021 TEN             5              124         24.8        1


Player Comps

Floor      – Marquez Valdes- Scantling

Mid        – Nelson Agholor

Ceiling   – Mike Wallace

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