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2023 Prospect Profile: Sean Tucker

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Sean Tucker

Syracuse Orangemen, Running Back

Height : 5’10”

Weight:  210 lbs

40 yard dash  N/A

Vertical Jump  N/A

Broad Jump  N/A

What’s the buzz?   Sean Tucker is an intriguing running back prospect who may be off a few radars by playing at a small school in Syracuse.  Sonic the Hedgehog feet, home run speed, excellent vision, and really sharp after catching the ball in space.

Running Report

Tucker was actually only a 3 star recruit coming out of Baltimore but landed in the ideal situation with the Orange.   He was the first player in program history to post back-to-back seasons with over 1,000 rushing yards and 250 receiving yards.  Tucker is one of only four players in program history to gain over 3,000 yards.  Tucker also competed on the track team and when he sheds a tackle you’ll see that breakaway speed.  

Passing Catching Report.   I love his tape.  He’s fun, fast and won me over almost immediately.   I liked how we waited for his blockers to make something happen, then quickly accelerated.   I even think his passing upside was untapped in Syracuse, maybe he has more to offer in the passing game than we notice.  

Where does he fall short?  Unfortunately, size could hinder his usage and success at the NFL level.  How good is his blitz pickup versus tougher schemes?   As an ‘undersized’ back will he be able to read and pick up aggressive blitzes on third down, when he’s most likely on the field in a passing down situation?

Summary:   Lazy comparison?   Austin Ekeler Lite.  That’s the first name that jumped out at me watching his pass catching and nimbleness in traffic.  Gone are the days where a team burdens a running back with 250-300 touches and more, which Tucker may not be suited for, and that's a good thing.  Ideally his career arc mirrors a Tony Pollard, where he can be a useful player in rotation for a year or two and then blossoming into a star down the road.   

Collegiate Stats

33 games

Rushing attempts :  589/3142  ( 5.4 ypc ) 

Receiving:  64/622/4

Total YFS:   653/3804/31

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